DIY Spring Cleaning – Granite (Kitchen Counter) Cleaner

Granite DIY2

So you could say that I have gone DIY CrAzY!!  I just got my Amazon order today with glass spray bottles and then some other ingredients that I needed for upcoming projects!

Today, I made a Granite Kitchen Counter Cleaner!  I have bought so many different brands and they really only waxed over everything… it never looked or felt clean.  So I decided I was going to create my own natural cleaner.  I did some research online and found a couple of recipes, but ultimately I knew I wanted to make my own!

All of the ingredients are in the pic above and it literally took less than 5 minutes to make it!

First, you will need castile soap, which is an unscented vegetable based soap.  You can find it at health food stores or online (Amazon).  You only need a couple of tablespoons for this recipe so the castile soap goes a long way!  Next you will need either rubbing alcohol or 80 proof vodka (I just happened to have some Absolute Vanilla Vodka on hand), and distilled water (or boiled tap water then cooled), and the final ingredient is lavender essential oil.

I love that this recipe has castile soap because it actually cleans the granite counter tops.  The alcohol helps to dry quickly, and you should use distilled water if possible so that it will have a longer shelf life.  Regular tap water can be boiled to kill bacteria.  I use lavender essential oil because I love the smell of lavender and it’s very calming, but you can use any essential oil that you prefer.  Just don’t use a citrus essential oil with a Granite Cleaner because citrus can eat through the granite.

Granite (Kitchen Counter) Cleaner:


Castile Soap – two tablespoons buy it here

80 proof Alcohol or Rubbing Alcohol – 1 tablespoon

Lavender Essential Oil – 25-30 drops

Distilled Water or boiled and then cooled tap or spring water – 2 cups


First you will need either a glass spray bottle or a thick plastic spray bottle (warning essential oils should not be used with thin plastic bottles – like water bottles, since it can penetrate the plastic and pull out toxins into the water.  I purchased my glass spray bottles from Amazon, but you can re-use a spray bottle that you already have or an empty glass bottle and put a spray top on it.

Put 2 tablespoons of castile soap into your spray bottle.

Add 1 tablespoon of alcohol.

Add 25 to 30 drops of lavender essential oil (or your non-citrus essential oil of choice).

Then fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water.  Make sure to leave some room at the top just in case you want to add more essential oil!

Loving my Granite Kitchen Counter Spray!  This spray is not just for granite counter tops!  You can use it on other surfaces too!  The reason it works well on granite is because it doesn’t have vinegar or citrus oils which can both eat through granite.

Happy DIY Cleaning!

Interested in learning more about how to get started with essential oils?  Contact me, Nicole Wehner @