Social Network Marketing Tips- March Madness!

social media

It’s March and the weather is starting to warm up and the ideas are flowing!  So I thought, what a great time to improve my social networking presence!  I have done a lot of research over the years on Social Networking and Network Marketing, and what better time to actually put that time, effort and knowledge to good use!

Let’s face it, there are billions of people out there using social media and those are people who we can connect with and bring into our network!

I’m sure there’s so many people who have started a Twitter account, a Facebook Fan Page, a Pinterest, a Tumbler, a WordPress blog, etc.. and I think for a lot of people, they are not sure what to do after they send off a couple of tweets.  How do I increase my followers? How do I find quality followers that I can engage with?  How many tweets are too many? What should I tweet about?  And the same with other social media.  I set up a Facebook Fan Page, and now how do I increase my followers and likes?

These are all questions that we all have and I am going to take the rest of this month to clean up my own social media and improve my networks and will post my research and tips on a daily basis here and twitter!

1st Tip!

#UnFollowMonday  Ok, I know it seems negative, but it is important to have a good follow/to followers ratio on Twitter!  This morning, I went through my twitter list of people I am following and unfollowed almost everyone that doesn’t follow me!  The exception is businesses, organizations, famous people that you like to follow, as most of them will not follow you back.  So if you follow @KanyeWest chances are he is not going to follow you back, but I follow him for entertainment value 🙂

The reason the follow ratio is important on twitter is because Twitter monitors how aggressively you follow people on Twitter.  They say that you can follow up to 1,000 people in one day, but I was cut off one day after uploading contacts which were about 500.

If you are following several hundred or thousands of people on Twitter then you definitely want to set up an automated tool that will periodically unfollow people who don’t follow you back.  You want to give your new followers a little time before unfollowing them since Twitter banned the ever so useful automatic follow back tools, but chances are that if they are going to follow you back then they’ll do it within a day or so.  I use SocialOomph to do a lot of automated twitter tasks and for other social media as well.  They offer a “free” and a “professional” account.  Depending on the features you need you can see which one work best for you!